Multi-point  HD Web Video Conferencing Software
For Licensing to Telcos & Service Providers

  • 50 concurrent interactive video participants in each conference room
  • 10 000 remote video viewers
  • WebRTC support
  • Flexible business models & pricing
  • High margin video conferencing service
  • Under your brand & billing
  • From global #1 voice & video engine provider


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Multi-point videoconferencing for every workplace

Inexpensive videoconferencing for every workplace

Control, administration and security

Support HD video of multiple participants

Teamwork, document sharing, conference moderation


SAAS videoconferencing under your brand and billing
Generate New Revenue

Strengthen subscriber
loyalty and increase
your market share

Fast time-to-market with extremly low CAPEX videoconferencing servers

Provide videoconferencing service under your own brand

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High-margin videoconferencing software for licensing

Offering new videoconferencing services to your customers

No upfront investments

Deployment within days

Expand your services portfolio with innovative software products

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 For Enterprises & SMB Conduct multi-party web video meetings from any PC, Mac or iPad
 For Education Enhance educational programs with real-time video-interactivity
 For Government Streamline decision-making processes with HD video meetings


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