Add Video Conferencing Feature to Your Application

VideoMost is an ideal solution to quickly enhance your application with an integrated video conferencing feature.

  • Understanding is more and more important, when people have less and less time. Phone is not enough for communication. People need Voice and Video and Data, on PC:
    1. Skype has 700m users, 35% of calls include video
    2. 67% of US companies see web-videoconferencing as #1 SaaS to buy (Goldman Sachs, Feb2010)
    3. 23% of traditional video conferencing systems will be PC-based by 2012 (Wainhouse Research)
  • Leaving the Core application (CRM, eLearning, DMS, etc.) for making a call is inconvenient — people may not have Skype, and the need to create a separate UserID to talk once is a hassle.
  • Including instant, quality, single-sing-on voice-video into business application was not an easy task before — no good combination of ease and quality for the End Customer, and of low cost and low complexity for the App Developer.
  • With VideoMost, it is possible.


  • Communications: full voice-video, p2p and multipoint, chat, document sharing
  • At place: single-sign on, one-click from your application, hassle-free for the user
  • High-quality: VideoMost provides multi-user video conferencing with the high quality — the most important factor for end users from such a service. VideoMost's video is superior to end-user — Skype does not support group video calls*, and web-conferencing like WebEx has low-grade video or does not have video at all.
  • Complete and ready-to-go: get the technology-intensive voice and video over IP communication functionality as a complete software platform including: conference planning web portal, conferencing server, and web-clients for participants.
  • If deployed as SaaS:
    1. Low Capex: No huge capital investment needed. VideoMost ports are software-based, so the infrastructure costs are low (just a fraction of costs associated with hardware systems).
    2. Low Opex: thanks to SPIRIT’s scalable video technologies in VideoMost, a conventional $3,000 PC server with VideoMost software supports 1000 video conference users — unprecedented performance compared to $1,000,000 for a hardware video conferencing server for the same 1000 users.
    3. Additional margin: include video conferencing into existing price, or charge separately, or charge separately for advanced options — like basic videoconferencing (3 people) is included in the regular plan, when over 3 people will cost $20-$40 per account per month.
  • If deployed On-Premises:
    1. Easy installation and setup for normal IT manager, as an add-on or as a part of your installation package.
    2. Charge for video conferencing module separately ($500 per 1 conference room), and offer basic functionality (unlimited p2p calls) for free.
  • Easy to integrate: VideoMost provides Open API for fast integration into web or native C applications. GUI is fully customizable to fit the look-and-feel of your app.
  • Scalability: VideoMost scales easily to tens of thousands of users — it's just software ports that you need to license in "pay as you grow" model.
  • Keep your customers satisfied: they will not have to switch to another application for video communication.
  • Enhance your existing service: integrate video confrencing with existing callback or livechat features in your app.

Contact us to discuss how to add the video conferencing functionality to your application.

* Skype group video call feature is only in beta now, it is and will be limited to 5 people only (not enough for business), and does not support any document-sharing features important for business customers.

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