Does Your Team Feel Visible In Remote Work?

Does Your Team Feel Visible In Remote Work?

A new study suggests that maintaining visibility with remote workers can empower them to grow and reduce burnout. 

Source: CommercialIntegrator

For AV integrators, many employees who can work from home have been for the past year have been. Designers, programmers, sales and administrative staff have been working remotely while supporting installation staff and technicians.

For those still at home, many are going out of their way to stay visible and get noticed, according to a new study, while others feel invisible to managers and coworkers, according to a new study.

Job website Joblist’s study on remote work visibility found that 38% of remote workers have gone out of their way to be noticed while working from home, and 36% had a “visibility strategy” like making sure all of their projects kept moving, helping colleagues with work and taking care of small details.

And, those strategies apparently paid off, as 93% of managers had a favorable impression of employees making an effort to stand out while working remotely.

According to the study, 25.2% of employee said they feel very visible, while 10.5% said they feel extremely visible.

However, not every employee takes that same approach, as 16.5% of employees said they don’t feel visible and 19.1% said they feel slightly visible, and 28.7% said they feel moderately visible. And, women were more than twice as likely as men to say they don’t feel visible while working from home.

When employees made an effort to stand out more, 93% of managers had a favorable impression, and they were more likely to give promotions and raises to employees who made the effort to be more visible while working from home.

On the flipside, employees that don’t feel visible were more likely to report being dissatisfied with their job, as 70.2% who said they feel invisible reported feeling burnt out. Another 56.5% of invisible workers said they have feelings of imposter syndrome, and 70.2% said they feel lonely.

According to Joblist, there are several steps managers can take to help encourage employees to be more visible. They range from simple steps like checking in with employees, expressing gratitude and asking for employee feedback to more involved strategies like brainstorming sessions, more meetings and including more employees on business development initiatives.


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