Top team collaboration tools provided by UC apps

Top team collaboration tools provided by UC apps

Team collaboration applications have redefined the unified communications market. What were formerly separate messaging apps have begun to merge with calling and meeting apps to create a true unified experience that enables messaging, calling and meetings within the context of the workspace. Still, some standalone team collaboration apps do continue to exist while integrated with other UC providers.

Key differentiators in the team collaboration market include the following:

  • support for integrated telephony and video meeting features;

  • secure corporate communications;

  • integration with legacy calling and conferencing platforms;

  • off-the-shelf integrations, as well as APIs to enable custom integrations and workflows;

  • licensing options and cost;

  • support for cross-company collaboration.

The combination of VideoMost video conferencing server and SPIRIT DSP mobile messaging server TeamSpirit IM delivers a complete enterprise-grade unified communications (UC) platform. VideoMost and TeamSpirit IM offers a familiar user experience, and is ready for on-premise server installations, as well as both cloud and hybrid deployments.

VideoMost andTeamSpirit IM integration allows document sharing not only on PC, but also on mobile devices.  TeamSpirit messenger users can quickly access and participate in VideoMost video conferences by clicking on an invitation link in a messenger or email. VideoMost supports broadcasting via RTMP or RTSP to YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch etc., for large audience coverage.   

VideoMost  Linux-based server is easier to administer due to simplified installation procedures. VideoMost   allows recording of audio / video / sharing separately or in any combination, and it saves corporate storage space that fills up rapidly with the growing demand for remote working and online communications.

VideoMost supports Outlook/Exchange/AD/Skype integration, and users can join via Chrome browser with WebRTC, or by using  desktop app VideoMost Proton, for both Windows and Mac OS. Mobile users can access VideoMost via apps available at the AppStore and Google Play. Hardware terminal users (Polycom, Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, etc.) can join VideoMost video conferences using SIP/BFCP and H.323/H.239 protocols. 

Teams can now work from any device and any network by deploying the VideoMost   enterprise-grade secure business communications platform on-premises. Being a self-hosted video conferencing server, ensures enterprises complete control over confidential corporate communications. 

VideoMost  video conferencing software runs on both regular x86 and ARM-based HW servers, and effectively manages Internet bandwidth. This release also delivers server federation (cascading) and multi-tenancy.

SPIRIT offers white-label licensing for VideoMost to immediately launch UC and collaboration services under the brand of a service provider. A fully functional trial license for the self-hosted video conferencing server is available now, free from any payments or commitments for three months, with up to 500 registered users and 100 video participants per conference. This free license supports collaboration tools and SIP/H.323 interoperability, and can be extended beyond initial 3 months or easily upgraded to annual or perpetual license at any time. 



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