Video is Critical for Business Continuity and Productivity in a Hybrid Workplace

Video is Critical for Business Continuity and Productivity in a Hybrid Workplace


Multifunctional, comprehensive video solutions will help businesses build a more connected, collaborative remote workforce, finds Frost & Sullivan

The pandemic has dramatically and forever changed the role of collaboration technologies in organizations. With video usage expanding by more than 350% compared to the pre–pandemic era, the $2.75 billion global video conferencing devices market is expected to grow rapidly. As employees return to the office, the demand for effective and equitable meetings is on the rise to accommodate hybrid working. 

According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey, 93% of business leaders expect a quarter or more of their employees to work from home. Also, 58% of businesses will invest more in video and content collaboration technologies for the huddle and small meeting spaces, dramatically shifting the company's digital transformation toward hybrid work. There will be a huge demand to outfit workspaces and meeting rooms with next-generation video conferencing solutions that seamlessly connect in-office staff with team members, customers, and partners.

Frost & Sullivan's latest visual white paper, Looking Beyond the Here and Now—Plan for Long-term Hybrid Work, examines the noteworthy transformation in the post-pandemic organization, the mounting workplace challenges and the need for business-grade solutions to resolve them. This paper highlights the significance of investments in the right collaboration tools, technology and networks to deliver a more flexible and equitable workplace.

"The world will be radically different post-COVID-19, and hybrid work is here to stay," said Roopam Jain, Senior Director of Research, Information and Communication Technology, at Frost & Sullivan. "By looking ahead through a transformative lens, organizations can not only plan for the long term but also gain a competitive advantage. Today's advanced digital capabilities, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), are enhancing video meetings to deliver new efficiencies, improved user experiences, and data-driven decision-making. Neat, with a built-for-Zoom approach, has disrupted and catalyzed the global video conferencing market by bringing together a wide range of sleek, all-in-one collaboration devices."

"Neat's mission is to foster rich, meaningful collaboration experiences for the hybrid workforce that are consistent across different meeting spaces and provide users the flexibility and capabilities they need to thrive in a hybrid workplace," said Hellene Garcia, Head of Commercials at Neat. "Neat devices have been designed to go beyond ensuring that everyone is clearly seen and heard to create smart work spaces for remote and in person teammates alike."

Businesses that invest in modern video devices with tightly integrated hardware and software experiences and are natively configured for the cloud will reap the following benefits:

  • A comprehensive portfolio of devices that addresses every need of a hybrid workforce across group and personal conferencing through standardized feature sets and support across the entire portfolio. 
  • Improved user experiences with advanced features such as tracking and framing for natural interactions through built-in sensors with advanced AI that provide real-time monitoring. 
  • Uncompromised data and privacy security that strengthens user trust and creates safer meeting rooms that enable better room utilization. 
  • Monitoring and management that leverages data-driven insights and analytics to correct technology concerns before users experience issues. 
  • Support for new deployment models that offer predictable, subscription-based plans, including a full portfolio of Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and support services. 


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