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VideoMost and Huawei present 1st ARM-based video conferencing server

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UAE company offers Comera messenger with group video calls based on VideoMost SDK

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VideoMost for JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy.

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VideoMost– is #1 video conferencing vendor on the Russian market for 5 years.

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Enterprise-grade Software Video Conferencing Server

Any browser,
and proprietary

SVC engine
300 people
in a conference
Presentation sharing
(BFCP/H.239) and
Collaboration tools
hardware interop

Enterprise license fee per video participant is a fraction of Zoom price

Enterprise Video Server
  • SFU (MUX) + MCU (MIX) architecture
  • Servers cascading / federation
  • Flexible video layouts
  • Large conference rooms
  • Conference moderation / recording
  • TLS, SSL
  • RTSP and RTMP broadcasting
  • CDN video broadcast to YouTube, etc.
Collaboration tools
  • Screen and app sharing
  • Slide show
  • Whiteboard
  • Mobile video messenger
  • Polls
  • File exchange
  • Handouts
  • Text chat
  • Seminar mode
Total interoperability
  • SIP/H.323/XMPP
  • BFCP/H.239
  • Server REST API
  • Websocket API
  • WebRTC and Scalable video coding
  • Outlook/Exchange/AD ntegration
  • Skype for Business interoperability
  • Mobile client SDK

Cross-platform - join anywhere, from any device

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • Linux
  • IOS
  • Android
  • Any browser
  • HW terminals
  • PSTN

Global standards and open protocols support

Integration with popular open source software products and protocols

Customer Reviews

  • Having VideoMost as the core for our FreshVoice software we are sure our product always meets customers tough requirements for HD voice and video interactive communications – whether it is a client from healthcare segment (like Hokkaido Kin-ikyo), cable industry (like SWCC SHOWA) or oil and power like Mizushima Refinery.

    Hironori Nishihata,
    CEO, of Anet .
  • A video conferencing system based on VideoMost® has been implemented and successfully running in holding company “Mechanical Engineering” (“Tecmash”). VideoMost® allowed to comprise more than 40 organizations of the Holding. Сertified encryption being used in VideoMost® ensures the highest level of information confidentiality and security.

    Rasul Gayanov,
    CIO, Tecmash Holding, established by Rostec .
  • Services based on National Cloud Platform allow enterprises to maintain business processes at a consistently high level at no additional costs on purchasing and maintenance of expensive equipment. Our new service VideoMost® is another useful tool for the efficient operation of any business structures.

    Aleksey Naschekin,
    VP for Innovative Development, Rostelecom.
  • We had a limited budget but high expectations of what we wanted to achieve by integrating of video conferencing into our work process. All-software VideoMost® has fully met our requirements as we avoided extra costs comparing to expensive hardware equipment while securing our full control over on-premises deployment. Right after VideoMost® service being launched we noticed an increase in efficiency of our employees’ collaboration that constantly continues to improve.

    Mr. Vo Hoang son,
    Head of Projects Management, Ho Chi Minh City Information and Communication Technology Institute.
  • The new Transtelecom cloud video conferencing service is aimed primarily at corporate clients. It is included in the Transtelecom basic service offerings along with broadband internet access.

    Oleg Leonov,
    Head of sales & service, Transtelecom.
  • Faced the challenge to hold a high-level video meeting of Senior Vice President with remote branches, we found out VideoMost® as the most appropriate solution. VideoMost® software allows for fast set up of multipoint video conferencing without any specialized equipment, using standard PC with Internet access, while ensuring a high-quality communications. VideoMost® fully met our expectations - it’s easy, fast, secure and convenient.

    Felix Kordysh,
    CEO, Sberbank-AST.
  • We have always been impressed with SPIRIT’s engine technology, so it was a natural move for us to turn to SPIRIT again to enable the highest quality calling experience possible on our U+070 Mobile application. The Over-The-Top approach we use for video telephony allows our customers to select the most efficient way for routing traffic, using our own network, a WiFi connection or a broadband IP connection of any other operator. SPIRIT’s capabilities for ensuring quality, cross-platform calling has far exceeded other engine technologies, so we now plan to use SPIRIT’s engines to support all our mobile VVoIP applications.

    SPIRIT DSP and LG U+ share a mutual vision to deliver the world’s best and most advanced experience in telecommunications across all IP devices and networks, and the U+070 represents our companies’ combined efforts to deliver on this promise of quality IP communications, anytime, anywhere.

    Samuel Hwang,
    General Manager, LG U+.
  • Today, traditional carriers and service providers are under competitive pressure from the over-the-top providers like Skype, Google, etc., and they need innovative and cost-effective solutions to gain new revenue streams and meet the growing demand for a quality IP communication experience across all devices. We’re pleased to be extending our relationship with SPIRIT, a world leading provider of innovative, carrier-grade voice and video over IP software, to deliver this core functionality to carriers, who are well positioned with their managed networks and massive enterprise and consumer customer base to gain majority share of this rapidly growing market.

    Wind Min,
    Product Manager VoIP Product, Huawei.
  • Our collaboration with SPIRIT proved very successful. We have had experience with other VOIP suppliers before that was negative, and switched to SPIRIT. We are glad we have partnered with SPIRIT, and we are entirely satisfied with the highest quality and performance of their software, as well as with efficient and friendly support provided during the integration process. We would definitely recommend SPIRIT as valuable and reliable partner.

    Mr. Hynek Behan,
    Group Manager, STROM Telecom.
  • Convergence of Internet and traditional telecom industries has already become an irreversible trend and one of the key driving forces for future innovations reflecting the fast changing customers’ needs. KT’s answer to this innovation challenge is the re-definition of our services to SoIP aimed to accelerate market growth and to deliver rich multimedia experience for our customers. To satisfy rising subscribers’ needs for various services on different platforms we confidently chose SPIRIT’s Engines, a rich carrier-grade multiplatform solution. SPIRIT’s Engines secure high quality voice and video for our customers on a broad range of terminal devices and as a result enhance their overall loyalty.

    Dongsik Yun,
    VP of Window Platform Department, Korea Telecom.
  • SPIRIT is a recognized leader in its field, with a strong quality assurance culture. Quanta clearly understands what is required to meet the ever-increasing mobile operators’ expectations for voice and video, while focusing on quality and availability requirements. We are happy to be working with operators and rely on SPIRIT extensive support for our current and future mobile products.

    Jason Lin,
    Corporate Deputy Spokesperson, Quanta Computer.
  • Paltalk has always been heavily focused on the quality of the user experience. We are looking forward to bringing SPIRIT’s voice quality enhancements to the millions of people in the Paltalk community worldwide.

    Jason Katz,
    Founder & CEO, Paltalk.
  • We are delighted with our choice to license SPIRIT award-winning voice conferencing software engine. This will help Oracle customers deploying the Real-Time Collaboration component of Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g immediately benefit from the high quality voice capabilities enabled by TeamSpirit(TM) engine.

    Marten den Haring,
    Senior Director, Oracle.
  • High quality and reliability of voice enhancement provided by SPIRIT were a deciding factor for adoption of SPIRIT’s solution. Actually, none of SPIRIT’s competitors was able to deliver comparable performance. With SPIRIT’s technologies and technical support, our engineers successfully delivered 3G Video Telephony solution to the market. It was a challenge, but it gave us mutual positive experience. We at HTC highly appreciate SPIRIT’s great software and the support we enjoyed. We are excited to see SPIRIT’s contribution to our next products.

    Lotus Chen,
    Vice President, HTC.