Moderating tools in the Participants window

After clicking the Participants button in the Control Panel, the Participants window opens in the Sidebar. The system indicates for each participant:
  1. The name in the current meeting (e.g. Alexander Nikolaev).
  2. The role in the current meeting (Owner/Participant)
  3. The meeting owner has moderator rights during the meeting. Besides, the owner can assign one or more meeting moderators. In the Participants window a moderator can:
  4. moderate each participant separately (using tool icons next to each participant);
  5. moderate all meeting participants (options displayed by clicking the More button).

Moderating a single participant

Each participant can be moderated separately. To do it, a moderator can click icons displayed next to each participant:

  1. Switches on/off the participant’s microphone.

  2. Switches on/off the participant’s video camera.

  3. Displays the following moderation options:
    1. Make moderator / Not a moderator: Gives to / takes from the participant the moderator status.
    2. Turn Audio&Video OFF/ON: Turns off/on the participant’s microphone and video camera.
    3. Make/Remove Presenter: Gives to / takes from the participant the presenter status.
    4. Put on hold: Blocks the participant temporary from a meeting.
    5. Turn sound off/on: Turns off/on the participant’s microphone.
    6. Turn video off/on: Turns off/on the participant’s video camera.
    7. Turn chat off/on: Disables/enables the participant to leave messages in the Chat.
    8. Start remote controlling: Starts remote controlling of the participant’s desktop.

Moderating All Meeting Participants

A moderator has tools which can be applied to all meeting participants simultaneously. After clicking the More button, the list of the following moderating options appears:

  1. Unban: Stops all the current bans for meeting participants.
  2. Turn audio and video off for all: Turns audio/video off for all the participants.
  3. Turn audio and video on for all: Turns audio/video on for all the participants.
  4. Turn audio off for all: Turns audio off for all the participants.
  5. Finish conference: Finishes the meeting for all the participants.