My Profile tab

The My profile tab displays information about your account. It contains the following sections:
  1. The General data section:
  2. The My tariff section:
  3. Here you can see the name of the current tariff (in the picture it is the Presale tariff). To display the details of the current tariff, press the Tariff description button, the system will display the Tariff description window:

  4. The Email address section:
  5. You can change your e-mail address by entering a new address in the New e-mail address field and clicking the Save changes button.
  6. The Password section:
  7. You can change your password by entering a new password in the New password field, confirm it in the Repeat new password field and click the Save changes button.
  8. The Time zone section:
  9. You can change your time zone by clicking on the link with the time zone description, in the menu that opens, select a different time zone and click the Save changes button: