VideoMost video conferences for everyday enterprise collaboration

VideoMost is software video conferencing server with mobile clients for working teams and companies of all sizes that requires enterprise-grade video conferences and set of tools to collaborate naturally across PC and mobile devices. Remote employees, executives in business trips, regional sales reps and anyone else on-the-go can stay connected and take part in a team work over smartphone or tablet PC.

VideoMost Server:

  • Meets enterprise requirements for HD quality audio and video over IP network
  • Ensures information security and prevents corporate data leakages
  • Teamwork, document sharing, conference moderation
  • Virtual meeting rooms for scheduled or ad-hoc meetings
  • Free joining for external users via web link in a browser
  • Scalability of video conferencing server to support thousands of connections
  • Easy to implement and manage by companies IT managers
  • Cloud or on-premises server installation
  • Distributed corporate software video conferences instead of legacy hardware systems

    VideoMost supports all popular communication protocols and international standards including H.323, H.239, SIP, BFCP, VNC, XMPP, H.264, G.7xx, WebRTC, and protects investments allowing interoperability with legacy video conferencing hardware. VideoMost works in popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari).

    It also provides a full range of tools for team work, including mobile messaging, CDN streaming, document sharing and polling.

    VideoMost means enterprise-grade video conferences on existing enterprise IP network and standard PC servers:

    • HD video quality for any users’ end point over landline and mobile IP networks
    • Accelerated decision-making and improved process efficiencies
    • Less travel time and costs and face-to-face communication across remote workers
    • Connecting cross-functional teams for successful collaboration
    • Speeding up development and production processes across all of our subsidiaries

    VideoMost SDK is all-inclusive set of VVoIP media processing technologies, signaling protocols and collaboration tools for licensing. VideoMost SDK enables developers to embed multipoint mobile video communication to any business app or service as a function.