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1 Billion people in over 100 countries use SPIRIT’s software

SPIRIT DSP, established in 1992, innovative carrier-grade voice and video software platforms allow telcos, service providers, OEMs and software developers to deliver superior quality VVoIP services.

SPIRIT DSP software platforms power popular products from global technology leaders including Apple, Adobe, ARM, AT&T, Avaya, Blizzard, Broadsoft, BT, China Mobile, Dialogic, Ericsson, HP, HTC, Huawei, Korea Telecom, Kyocera, LG U+, Mavenir, Mitel, Microsoft, NEC, Oracle, Polycom, Reliance, Samsung, Skype, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Viber, ZTE among 250+ others.

SPIRIT product VideoMost® IM is mobile instant messenger available for source code licensing to service providers and enterprise customers. VideoMost® IM is a complete set of source code, from UI to backend, that quickly enables rich, engaging messaging experiences in every mobile app. Full set of standard IM features for personal and enterprise text chats is supported. For enterprise communications VideoMost® IM server can be installed on-premises to secure corporate data from leakage. VideoMost® SDK makes it easy to extend VideoMost® IM with mobile P2P (Wi-Fi video calling) and multipoint video calls.

VideoMost® SDK is software video conferencing server with mobile clients for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and iOS, complete with XMPP/SIP/H.323 signaling, firewall/NAT traversal, doc sharing, conference recording, transcoding and more. Server supports 1000 concurrent video channels per $2K PC HW and allows 100 interactive video participants in a conference room. VideoMost® SDK server enables embedding scalable HD video conferencing functionality inside your products and services.

SPIRIT also offers TeamSpirit® Mobile Video Call SDK. TeamSpirit® based mobile softphone allows HD voice and video communications on low quality / low density WiFi/3G/4G networks and hundreds of different mobile devices.

SPIRIT offers all its products for white-label licensing and allows service providers and software vendors to offer video calling services under your own brand and billing with immediate time-to-market.

SPIRIT offers VideoMost® LookingGood - real-time automatic mobile video face beautification based on computer vision and neural networks. Your video can look better that you. VideoMost® LookingGood SDK is available for fast and easy integration into your video calling app to turn faces into Looking great videos.